The first OVID Clinic ( has opened its doors in Berlin earlier this year. Since its inception in February the OVID Clinic has seen a rising interest in its therapy and it is well on track to reach profitability within 12-15 months of activity. The clinic, which will be the first of a growing number of outlets under the OVID Clinics brand, currently provides ketamine-augmented psychotherapy as well as (psychedelic) integration therapy.

The individualized treatment package, which costs around 3000-3500€ in total, has already been covered by private health insurance and the OVID team plans to expand further collaboration with insurance companies. “We think it is essential to integrate into the existing healthcare infrastructure, and to collaborate with existing institutions, to implement a new type of therapy in a given country”, says OVID’s Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle.

Plans to open clinics in other cities

Due to the growing need for innovative, effective treatment options, OVID is planning to open more clinics across the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in 2022, and to open clinics in other European countries from 2023 onwards. Many people have a lack of accessibility to effective mental health treatment and particularly to the new psychedelic-augmented therapies. OVID aims to ameliorate that problem and to bring the new therapies safely to as many people as possible.

About OVID Health Systems

OVID Health Systems (“OVID”) is a healthcare services provider based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2020, its mission is to ensure better mental health & well-being through psychedelic therapies. The company has two main activities. It delivers innovative ketamine- and psychedelic-based psychotherapy is by providing the necessary infrastructure to build a network of clinics (“OVID Clinics”). It develops new chemical entities to transform them into improved and approved psychedelic drugs. OVID is a cooperation partner of the MIND Foundation, a Berlin-based non-profit organization.